Thursday, April 28, 2011

Two blacks


Smell of spring (small book)

10.5 cm x 14.8 cm, monochrome, 32 pages, 2011 the first edition. Last page has been hand stamped and given my signature.



On March 11 2011, A massive earthquake of magnitude 9 and tsunami struck the north-east coast of Japan.
I have been drawing pen and ink drawings of cats everyday. The next day after I heard about the news of the earthquake, I felt empty and didn't feel like drawing and I thought I needed a rest for a while. But, when I thought about the people who were affected by this tragedy, there were so many feelings and thoughts rushing through my mind like I had to work harder, I felt like praying, someone were waiting for my drawing....etc.
Finally, I decided to keep drawing.

I thought I could draw flowers...
I had been drawing cats and flowers of spring from March 12 to April 11.
I made this book with my flower offering. I hope the day will come when victims enjoy spring from the bottom of their heart.

Natsuo Ikegami
April 24, 2011

I list this book on Etsy shop (kushun55).
200 yen of the sale of this book will be donated to Red Cross Japan.